Logic controller

BitRefine Heads platform is modular and can scale in line with our customers’ growing business needs. The modular structure of BitRefine Heads licenses allows customers to license and pay only for the functionality and capacity needed at given time. There are four core tenets that are important to understand when licensing BitRefine Heads software:

How many inputs

Typical data source is a video stream. BitRefine Heads is licensed based on number of analyzed video streams.

Video Channels image recognition

How complex is neural model

In order to run analysis user needs to load proper neural model into the BitRefine Heads. The cost of the models vary depending on their complexity.

Neural models

How much “training” does model require

In some cases neural network model needs to be adapted to the clients data sources. This adaption is called “training” and is done by our engineers. The cost of “training” depends on the time, required to retrain the neural model.

Time training

What extra components are included

BitRefine offers various extra components such as Android runtime license, integration modules, tailored modules etc.

Software components


A BitRefine Heads should be deployed on hardware that provides enough resources for processing required number of video streams at specified resolution. Depending on project, the required performance varies in extremely high range: form tiny Android-based devices to GPU powered servers. We provide recommendation of hardware for each project.

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