Overview: Deep learning visual analytics

BitRefine Heads is a computer vision platform that allows performing high-level visual analysis based on deep learning algorithms. A combination of standard computer vision pre-processing tools and the most advanced core technologies based on deep neural networks makes our platform exceptionally powerful.

In additional to its tremendous capabilities BitRefine Heads platform is highly adjustable to the requirements of particular clients. There is an interchangeable deep learning model in the “head” of the platform that performs object recognition task. In order to run new analyzer with completely new task customer loads new model into the platform’s “head”, adjusts outputs and start getting results. BitRefine provides both standard as well as tailored deep neural network analyzers as modules for our platform.

Recognize: you're capable of detecting almost everything

Our R&D team is constantly adapting knowledge in the deep-learning and computer vision fields, evaluating and testing new approaches and methods, taking on new client challenges and solving new problems.

General objects

Our platform allows detecting general everyday objects captured from any angle, located in any environment, overlapping each other.

Low quality images

Perfect source images allow using simple detectors. But the worse quality of the image, the more complex algorithms required to classify objects. BitRefine Heads works is able to effectively process sources of low quality.

Aerial images

Cars, houses, roads, trees, lakes – these objects can be recognized by neural networks. The aim of such system is usually to collect statistics from large areas.

Analyze: you get instant access to collected data

Recognition is the first part of the BitRefine Heads. The second part is analysis of the extracted data. You can easily inspect, search, visualize collected data using built-in reporting tool. Build entire video analytics solution using a single software platform.

Visual statistics

All the collected data can be presented in a number of graphs and tables so that the users of the software can have a clear picture of all the statistics.

Events search

User can instantly find DB entries referred to certain event or object using customizable search tool.

Real-time alerting

Alerts are used to notify user about significant events within the system. Notification can be triggered by anomalies in server processes’ health or by detection of certain class of objects.

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Capabilities: What objects we detect

Traditional video analytics and machine vision solutions work well with standard objects and clear backgrounds. For example, if we deal with a machinery part at a clear production line or if there’s a separately standing person – standard detectors allow reliably extracting these objects, counting them and doing other operation. But if this person just sits down, standard detector can’t classify such an object any more. Same situation if there’re overlapping objects moving around. Here BitRefine Heads comes to scene.

Explanation: How BitRefine Heads works

BitRefine Heads platform is based on video processing pipeline and reporting tools. Similar to the pathways in human’s brain visual data goes from image capturing first through primary visual complex. Then it gets into main deep neural network that looks for objects of interest. Then it’s passed to the post-processor that modifies results according to the user’s requirements. Finally, data goes to external systems, to local DB, and can be analyzed through our reporting tool. Each stage of the pipeline is adjusted through the web interface.

Video Recognition Platform: Key Features

Today business-centric video processing has become the norm and video recognition software is used now more widely within organizations around the world. Multipurpose platform BitRefine Heads offers a number of key features that help clients solve their individual business use cases very quickly. Here we present the most significant elements of the platform.

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