BitRefine Heads consists of two pieces: the Manager (DB, web-server, configuration) and the Head (processing unit). Small systems may have both packages running on a single machine. However if the system becomes large, Manager should run on a dedicated server.


  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04
  • HDD: 15Gb of free space
  • Internet connection
  • Root privileges



BitRefine Heads platform runs MongoDB at port 27017. Please ensure that this port is not in use curretly. (for example, by another instance of MongoDB)

BitRefine HEADS Manager’s installation file is heads-manager-{version}-{architecture}.sh, for example: Copy/download this file to your server and run it with following command:

chmod +x heads-manager*
sudo ./heads-manager*

During installation process, all the required libraries and modules will be downloaded and unpacked automatically.

Verify that BitRefine HEADS Manager is installed correctly: open up http://your_server_ip_address:8005/ in your browser, and you'll see the default authentication page being displayed:

The BitRefine Heads live server

Default login/password: admin / 12345. (Password can be changed in the settings menu.)

You can check the status, start or stop the server with the following commands:

systemctl status bitrefine_heads_manager
sudo systemctl start bitrefine_heads_manager
sudo systemctl stop bitrefine_heads_manager


Please ensure the following TCP port 8005 is open. If the Heads connect to the Manager from a remote location, ensure that TCP ports 17010 and 27017 are opened and available for the Heads.