Enterprise grade video analysis software

BitRefine Heads is a new breakthrough in machine vision and video surveillance applications. By utilizing distributed visual data analysis approach together with complex artificial neural network structures, BitRefine Heads platform moves businesses along their continuous process of business automation to the new level of comprehensive control.

BitRefine Heads platform leverage modular structure and therefore it ensures high flexibility in types of objects available for recognition. This can be: items, defects, visual properties, images captured in different spectrum, microscopic images, etc. System can be set up to recognize literally any object that can be recognized by a human.

Recognized object can be tracked, counted, filtered, searched, sorted. And all the analytics is available through built-in visual reporting tool. With BitRefine Heads platform customer receives complete system that takes care of all the aspects from raw image capturing to real-time notification and results analysis.

Thanks to distributed architecture BitRefine Heads platform can include just single device or it can run at a scale and include numerous recognition modules, the “Heads”, deployed on different kind of hardware, being controlled from single dashboard.

In order to ensure best possible customer satisfaction and reveal full power of artificial neural network recognition algorithms BitRefine team offers extensive support in adapting and tuning recognition modules at the client’s site.

Now you're capable of recognizing almost everything

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a key piece of BitRefine Heads platform. Difference between traditional recognition techniques and ANN-algorithms is huge: traditional systems rely on just few parameters, such as size, geometry, color to find target object on the image. Artificial neural network contains from few thousands to millions of parameters that allow reliably detecting any object on any background. BitRefine Heads includes a range of neural modules that applied depending on the task’s complexity level. For example, one of the most powerful BitRefine Heads' neural module contains more than 50.000.000 internal parameters.

Of course, no one is supposed to adjust those parameters manually: computers bring them to optimum through the “training” process. BitRefine Heads platform includes ready-to-use pre-trained modules plus BitRefine team prepares and trains tailored modules according to client’s requirements.